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A Forex Tester, also known as a Forex Tester is a tool, which is necessary both at the stage of development of automatic Forex Simulator, takes historical data that you input into it and let's you trade on that data like you would trade on the live Forex market.

Forex Tester is a very specific piece of software that was created to precisely replicate forex dealing. There is no better tool to swiftly enhance dealing abilities, try new tactics and increase your confidence without losing cash.

Forex tester can call upon in excess of 10 years of backdated data to try out any strategy. You choose the time frame and in only a few hours you could have replicated the trading activity that took place over years.

Forex Tester itself is free-standing but you get a deep range of various indicators like MACDís, Parabolic-SAR, Bollinger Bands, RSI, Moving Averages, Pivot Points, Heiken Ashi candles, Stochastic, Keltner Channels, and even more. You can add any MQL4 Indicator according your needs. You can try out trading from 18 various currencies to test as well as silver and gold.

Forex Tester is great for experimenting with automatic strategies. The results can be tested against supplied statistics so you can trust the performance will be accurate and get a good feel for how strong your own strategy is.

Why would you use a Forex simulator such as Forex Tester?

Whenever you want to become expert in anything, including trading, you need to practice. Forex Tester will allow you to refine your ability and repeat and reinforce what you have learned. Itís also cheaper this way!

A lot of inexperienced dealers dive headlong into trading as they have been attracted by the adverts of huge gains, demonstration accounts that are free or just the buzz of trading. The ones that conduct some real time strategy testing wonít have given themselves adequate training. Trying out theories using free live demo accounts is good for the trader that has a good idea about what to do but not for those who havenít yet understood what their options are.

Forex Tester allows clients to examine historical data from any given point in the past. This is something a real-time demo account canít do. By using this aspect of Forex Tester to demonstrate knowledge of recognising patterns and dealing signals, you can go back and forth with the data to check and double check your understanding.

The pause, fast forward and rewind facility of Forex Tester is what will give you the equivalent of several months worth of trading experience over a few days The timeframe can range from just 1 minutes upwards Forex Tester will let you take a picture of a certain deal and you can work with whichever indicator you want. You can also log your progress in a deal journal and hone your approach.

So how does Forex Tester compare to a Demo Account?

The benefit of a demo account is that you donít lose money when dealing. And you can learn the skills you need and check out your dealing system. The downside of a demo account is that it can take many years learning exactly how to deal. The market will only move at one pace and thatís slowly so you can only learn when it lets you. For instance, you may have set a dealing strategy that operates a daily timescale with weekly execution order. It could take you six months to realise that some parameters need changing. And then six months later you need to change them again. And again.

Forex Tester lets you do what could take years to learn in just a few hours. Another advantage of the Forex Tester is that it can work around you. For example, if you became ill you lose the thread of the market and canít catch up. With the Forex Tester, you can do your testing and learning at weekends, evenings and even when the markets arenít open. You can even take a break from your trial and pick it up again when it suits you. And finally, unlike a demo account, with Forex Tester, if you make a mistake, you can simply correct it and it wonít affect the results of your strategy. So Forex Tester really does put you in control of your time. It reduces the time you need to gain experience; it gives you the flexibility to learn in your own time and even allows you to go back in time to learn from historical data.

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